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ITALY - My friend Christine and I are travel buddies.  We went to Italy in 2015 and loved it.   It was always the first place I ever wanted to travel to and so we did.   We went to many cities to include Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscany area, Naples, Barona, Pisa, Siena, and other cities as well.   My favorite cities were Venice and visiting Pompeii.   Pompeii was amazing.  The fact that over 2,000 years ago the people were so advanced with plumbing and paved streets with intersections and spas.   It must have been so gorgeous in its day.    I was awestruck to say the least.   The statue of David was incredible.   The history behind its grandeur and how the pupils of his eyes are actually hearts.    Unfortunately, they had to move David from his original location outside in the square into the cathedral as people attempted to destroy it.   I am pictured below with the local Torrance Tribune newsletter.   Upon my return I shared the picture with the editor and they published it with my story of my visit to Italy in the next edition. 

I love to travetje n I can.   I have been to Italy, Switzerland and soon to experience Holland.

SWITZERLAND  Visited Switzerland  in 2017 in the cities of Lucerne, Bern, Geneva, Montreux, Gruyeres, Zermatt, Baveno, Italy, St. Moritz,  Grindelwald,  and Zurich.   My favorite was the quaint town of Zermatt in the Alps where we visited the Matterhorn.  We took three cable cars up from 5,000 feet to 12,000 feet.   It was just gorgeous.   Switzerland is peppered with grass-fed cows which is where they get the best milk for their candy and cheeses.  I love cows and tried so hard to get pictures, but we were always moving too fast.   I only got one decent picture while riding in the bus.  The Swiss are known for their precise schedules and do not adjust well with change.  They have underground bunkers that are built for potential emergencies, and every household is assigned to one.  The Red Cross was formed and League of Nations (now called United Nations) was founded by Woodrow Wilson.   We took a 4-5 hour trip on the Glacier Express which is the world's greatest railway.  

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